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Who are IWA?

Since 1989 IWA has been one of the leading organisations in the U.K. to administer Deposit Protection and Guarantee Insurance to consumers within the home improvement market.

How does the Deposit Protection work?

At the time of paying a deposit you should be issued with a Deposit Protection certificate from your IWA approved supplier or Direct from IWA. This document will protect your deposit, prior to the commencement of the contract for up to 25% of the contract value, subject to the terms and conditions on the certificate. Without a policy your deposit is not protected.

How does the Guarantee Insurance work?

Once your contract has been completed to your satisfaction and you have paid the IWA approved company the balance in full, your IWA Guarantee Insurance will commence. You may register your satisfaction by completing the tear off slip on the policy and return it to IWA. Your contract will be insured for a period of up to ten years and is underwritten by FCA authorised Insurers, subject to the terms and conditions on the Certificate. Without a policy your guarantee is not insured.

Commercial Contract Insurance

The installer must be an approved IWA company

The member company submits to IWA the following:

  • Name and address of the Council/Housing Association etc
  • Address/es of the location of work
  • Number of residential units applicable
  • Specification of all known works – the contract with drawings, sizes and types for all address/es
  • Schedules, Terms and conditions of Guarantee supplied
  • The total contract price including VAT, and a breakdown of same if individual units are different
  • The number of years the contract is to be covered for (not exceeding 10)
  • The estimated commencement date
  • The estimated completion date (practical)
  • ON COMPLETION The Member Company supplies to the IWA a copy of the practical completion notice

Practical Completion

At the point the specified contract has been completed, surveyed and accepted by the Council/Housing Association etc..

The premium is payable on practical completion on a submission of the signed practical completion notice upon receipt the policy will be issued.

Terms and Conditions

There are NO exclusions or excesses. The Insurance cover is fully comprehensive and mirrors the terms and conditions of the suppliers/installers guarantee The contract is not covered until the premium has been paid and the insurance certificate issued.

The policy document will be despatched within 7 days of payment of invoice and will commence from the date of completion of the contract. 2 copies will be supplied to the installer for approval.

Any additions or alterations to the contract after the date of original quote will not be covered unless the necessary documentation is submitted to the IWA for approval. The premium may be adjusted in accordance with any such addition/alteration.