About DC Energy

We should all be thinking about our future generations by reducing carbon emissions at the same time as reducing energy bills,

Based in the South West of England DC Energy is one of the leading installation companies specialising in the features, benefits and installations of renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems, air-source heat pumps (ASHP) and electric vehicle charging points (EV) .

DC Energy are helping homeowners and business owners decide what is the best technology to maximise the benefits of renewables reducing the running costs of their home and business, and carbon footprint working towards creating a greener future.

DC Energy are continually evolving with the ever-changing renewable energy industry moving with the times using the latest technology available.

We are a nationwide leading energy efficiency company. We specialise in both domestic and commercial work and won’t be beaten on quality.

We have partnered with Social Energy to provide the most modern solar battery energy solutions.
You will end up being financially better off by investing in future-proofing yourself against ever-increasing energy bills.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) use pipes that are buried underground to extract heat from the ground, which is then used to heat radiators, underfloor or warm air heating systems and hot water in your home.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) are generally more expensive to run than an ASHP (air source heat pump) also you have a much higher upfront cost sometimes double the cost of an ASHP because of the work involved also the equipment cost is higher. On the up side you receive more Renewable Heat Incentive to help cover the cost. A ground source heat pump installation will need a large patch of suable ground/land for the ground loops the main unit will need to be housed indoors in a large utility room or plant room. GSHP are mainly used for heating larger properties with bigger heat demand than the average house.

Also we should all be thinking about our future generations by reducing carbon emission at the same time as reducing energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are the technology of the future for UK heating and hot water, over the past 10 years heat pumps have advanced to the point that a heat pump could replace a boiler like for like heat wise. It’s more energy efficient running heat pumps at a lower ambient temperature for two main reasons first lower energy bills secondly reduce carbon emissions. Fossil fuel burning boilers were introduced in the 1950’s this old technology is now being phased out. It’s now evident that fossil fuel burning boilers are less efficient than air source heat pumps that can reduce energy bills especially when you are replacing tradition electric, oil or LPG heating systems. You could also benefit from the Government supported Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
Most ASHP installations end up paying for themselves within the first 7 years from the RHI payments, savings you make and the cost of the alternative.You will end up being financially better off by investing in future proofing yourself against ever increasing energy bills.

Become your own Powerstation!

Turn light into power, once you have invested in Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV) you will become your own power station generating electricity to use within the business. This will reduce your electric bills for many years to come.

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Panels are part of our future the sooner you have them installed the sooner you start saving money by reducing energy bills.

Solar PV work in daylight once the sun is up in the sky the only weather that solar panels don’t work in is low thick dense snow cloud or if they have a snow covering. Solar panels generate electric from a reaction when photons/sun radiation hits the panels the electric is transferred to the inverter that converts the electric from DC to AC then into consumer unit ready to be consumed within your property or be exported.

Generate your own energy using our Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Panels, the sooner you have them installed the sooner you start saving money by reducing energy bills.

Investing in Solar PV is worthwhile as long as you have a good size roof or land to have at least 8 or more panels, the more solar panels you have the more electric you will generate so you are best maximising the amount of panels on the roof space. Orientation is very important as well as the degree of the pitch of the roof. Direct south facing panels on a good pitch is optimal but many variations of this are also beneficial.

DC Energy will help you work out what system is best suited to the electricity demand you have, we can look at the benefits of battery storage and other technologies like IBOOST that diverts all unused electric to the hot water heater helping reduce this bill.