Solar Panels

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Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Panels are part of our future the sooner you have them installed the sooner you start saving money by reducing energy bills.

Future proof yourself against ever increasing energy bills.

Turn light into power, once you have invested in Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV) you will become your own power station generating electricity to use within the business. This will reduce your electric bills for many years to come future proofing yourself against ever increasing energy bills.

Our accredited installation teams are experts at installing solar PV for both domestic & commercial installations.

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Solar PV work in daylight once the sun is up in the sky the only weather that solar panels don’t work in is low thick dense snow cloud or if they have a snow covering. Solar panels generate electric from a reaction when photons/sun radiation hits the panels the electric is transferred to the inverter that converts the electric from DC to AC then into consumer unit ready to be consumed within your property or be exported.

If feasibility and cost allow all homes and businesses should be generating their own electric from solar panels, it really is a no brainer.



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