Why Invest

Why Invest in Renewables
The future of the UK is dependent on renewables the sooner you invest the sooner you start benefiting.

Climate Change will affect us all in the future anything we can do to reduce the impact and risk should be done, this includes investing in renewables. Any investment into renewables will reduce energy bills, improve your EPC making any property more saleable and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s not a case of if but when you decide to invest in renewables. As time ticks by the government will do more than just encourage us with incentives, the ban on using fossil fuel are getting closer. Fossil fuel are depleting at a rapid rate oil, LPG and solid fuels will increase in prices plus the government generally tax items they prefer we didn’t use. The green TAX will increase over the coming years. Most people have money in banks paying very little interest with the inflation generally running higher than interest rate you lose money each year. You are better investing in your future helping future proof yourself against ever increasing energy bills. It really in a no brainer.

Renewables are part of our future

The Government supported Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been put in place to encourage home owners to invest in heat pumps along with other technologies to replace old fossil fuel burning boilers that are inefficient.

When you invest in upgrading a heating system with a heat pump you will receive the RHI as long as you meet the requirements from Ofgem by meeting the basic standard home insulated measures.

The RHI payments, savings and the cost of the alternative should give you a payback period of 5-7 years on average. Longer term the benefits are based on the ongoing savings, also the heat pumps have a much longer life expectancy than fossil fuel burning boilers.

It’s time to invest and future proof yourself as well as going green. Act “NOW”

Renewables are the Future of UK Energy & Heating Demand
Invest Today, Future Proof yourself from ever Increasing Energy Prices
Help create a more sustainable planet

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