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With a combination of product knowledge and many years of experience, we can guarantee a quality and affordable service throughout Devon and Cornwall.

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Why Choose DC Energy?

Based in South West England DC Energy are a leading energy efficiency company specialising in both domestic and commercial projects to take of all your energy needs.

We believe our work to be industry leading, not industry standard and won’t be beaten on quality. We offer a FREE consultation service on all our work. Give us a call today and see how much we could save you.

Domestic Solar PV

Become your own little power station and start generating your own energy.

Commercial Solar PV

Become your own power station of any size and start generating your own energy.

Battery Storage

Battery storage can help maximise your use of the energy you generate.

Solar Plants Customers

Information for Previous customers of Solar Plants.

What Our Customers Say

Adam Contact Solar

I have only worked with DC Energy a short time who were recommended to me by another large installation company. In the short time I have found them a breath of fresh air, they are more than happy to nip off from install to gather kit if required, go back to any jobs that might need looking at again and most importantly send in the post paperwork on time. I’ve had customers call us and to thank how nice the team was. We will continue to use Tom and his team to fit all our installs in the south.

Adam - Zing Energy

Zing Energy Ltd have had the pleasure of working with DC Energy for several years and have continued to use their services thanks to their demonstratable expertise and professionalism. They have become our preferred contractor for Solar PV installations around the country and in particular in the Southwest of England. Having worked with several contractors, DC Energy are an outstanding company due to their punctuality and reliability and have never let us or our customers down. Our customers always provide positive reviews following their experience with DC Energy and the quality of the installations they provide is second to none.

Darren Ellis

A good friend recommended Tom / DC Energy to me for a solar PV installation for my property in Cornwall around 12 months ago. At that time I obtained a number of proposals from different companies. Tom tailored everything to my requirements as a customer, to ensure he was providing me the very best solution available at a competitive price. Tom also demonstrated a high level of customer care and service throughout every stage of the project. As a result the installation was completed safely, efficiently and on time, with every commitment made by Tom being fulfilled.

Eve James

Initially, I wasn’t sure that my location would be any good for solar panels, but after an initial consultation with Tom from DC Energy I assured that I would get enough solar power to make the installation worthwhile.  Tom went over all the figures, the installation steps, the estimated power outputs and answer all my questions.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting installation.  The installers were brilliant and explained the system setup and left me with a phone app where I can monitor the power my solar panels are creating.  I would definitely recommend DC Energy to anyone considering a solar panel installation.  I wish I had installed solar panels years ago and I started seeing savings on my electric bill right after the installation was complete.

The Installation team were clean, tidy, polite, and made sure they cleaned up as they moved from task to task. Despite offering a few times they declined the offer of tea/coffee, which I found surprising.
One of the chaps did briefly run through the system, but had there been a users handbook it would make things easier.
The Total time taken was under 6hrs and I dare say if the whole team had turned up together this would have been less. A lot of the neighbours made comment about how polite they were.
The administration prior to Installation was faultless. I will certainly be recommending DC Energy to other people.

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