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Are you thinking about an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) here is some information that could help.
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Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are the technology of the future for UK heating and hot water, over the past 10 years heat pumps have advanced to the point that a heat pump could replace a boiler like for like heat wise. It’s more energy efficient running heat pumps at a lower ambient temperature for two main reasons first lower energy bills secondly reduce carbon emissions. Fossil fuel burning boilers were introduced in the 1950’s this old technology is now being phased out. It’s now evident that fossil fuel burning boilers are less efficient than air source heat pumps that can reduce energy bills especially when you are replacing tradition electric, oil or LPG heating systems. You could also benefit from the Government supported Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Dc Energy is happy providing a comprehensive quote including the expected RHI payments you could be awarded.

Most ASHP installations end up paying for themselves within the first 7 years from the RHI payments, saving you make and the cost of the alternative. The Renewable Heat Incentive on average pays back from £5,000 to £11,000 encouraging you to invest in a more sustainable form of heating that helps reduce the use of fossil fuel energy.

Fossil fuels are depleting at a rapid rate so we all need to explore alternative forms of meeting our demands for energy, heating and hot water.

Also we should all be thinking about our future generations by reducing carbon emission at the same time as reducing energy bills, it really is a no brainer. You will end up being financially better off by investing in future proofing yourself against ever increasing energy bills.

Here is a basic check list >>> Do I qualify for the RHI Payment?

  • Do you have double Glazing?
  • Do you have good loft insulation?
  • If you cavity walls are they insulated?

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Key Points for a Successful working Efficient ASHP Insulation


  • Professional Survey
  • Quality Equipment
  • Experienced Insulation Team

The entire heating & hot water system will need upgrading so every element works together then you will benefit from an efficient heating system.

Renewables are the Future of UK Energy & Heating Demand
Invest Today, Future Proof yourself from ever Increasing Energy Prices
Help create a more sustainable planet

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