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Thanks for visiting and for those of you who have choose to let us look after you.
For those of you with issues previously from solar plants or new we will look to book you in for a visit as soon as we are able to work again.

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to call us, or to visit our website. By now you may have received a letter from H.I.E.S. explaining that since Solarplants Ltd. went into administration, we have agreed to take on the warranties of their former customers.

For a one-off fee of £149.00, DC Energy will on your behalf, monitor the performance of your installation with SolarEdge or other monitoring systems. In the event of any faults or errors developing, as part of this fee, DC Energy will analyse the fault and pursue the warranty claim on your behalf with the manufacturer, meaning less inconvenience to you, and faster response rates to faults developing. If the fault results in the replacement of a part, again as part of this fee, DC Energy will provide an engineer to come out and replace this part for you. This is a full end-to-end management service. You are able to do all of the above independently, however, we and HIES would recommend taking on this service to ensure your system is performing at optimum levels.

If you have any further questions, then please feel free to call 0800 644 6797 and our office will e-mail me. I will aim to respond the same day. Happy for you to put us on here as well if that helped, to field some calls.

We are here to help and this change over process will take time, 1st you receive the letters from HIES, we will then get your information 7-10 days later, we will then start to call you to see if all is ok and get your permission to swap your monitoring account from solarplants to us. Please be patient as there a lot of you guys to speak to.

Thank you very much and we hope we can continue to look after you.



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