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Hello and thank you for taking the time to call or visit our website. By now you would of had a letter from HIES stating we have took over from solarplants and therefore all their warranties, all tho this is 99% accurate id like to please explain.

The fee for a one off payment of £149 is not just to monitor your system via solaredge or what monitoring system you may have in place but its to also act on your behalf incase the optomisors or inverters break down we would organise for them to be replaced, Yes you can monitor your own system but if it was to fail you would need to call the manufacturers, get the part sent out and fix yourselves, we are offering to do this for you.

Another example, if any parts of the install breakdown or become faulty that would fall under a manufacturers warranty and would mean you would need to call them and deal with, we are offering to help you with this and in most cases rectify the problem.

If you have any further questions then please feel free to call 0800 644 6797 and the office will email me, ill aim to call you the same day.

We are here to help and this change over process will take time, 1st you receive the letters from HIES, we will then get your information 7-10 days later, we will then start to call you to see if all is ok and get your permission to swap your monitoring account from solarplants to us. Please be patient as there alot of you guys to speak to.

Thank you very much and we hope we can continue to look after you.

Solar Plants

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