About Us

Who Are DC Energy?

Based in the South West of England DC Energy is one of the leading installation companies specialising in the features, benefits and installations of solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems, air source heat pumps (ASHP) and electric vehicle charging points (EV) . DC Energy focus on being one of the leading provider and installer of the latest technology within solar PV, battery storage, air & ground source heat pumps and EV and associated products. Renewables are part of our future, it’s not a case of IF, but WHEN, you react by investing in renewables to benefit the environment and reduce your energy bills.

DC Energy are helping homeowners decide what is the best technology to maximise the benefits of renewables reducing the running costs of their home and carbon footprint working towards creating a greener future.

Why Use DC Energy?

  • DC Energy are continually evolving with the ever changing renewable energy industry, moving with the times using the latest technology available. DC Energy installation teams and surveyors are professional, qualified, accredited, and have years of experience offering excellent customer focus service and advice.
  • DC Energy are not interested in offering cheap solutions, what you will receive from DC Energy is a good job for a good price along with exceptional products, service, warranties and guarantees.
  • DC Energy offer a swift, efficient, friendly, professional customer focused service.
  • DC Energy is pleased to provide a free no obligation quotation service so you can decide that DC Energy is the right company for you.

We all need to do something

Homes of the future, we should all make a difference by investing in renewables today for a better tomorrow. Fossil fuels are depleting at a rapid rate and the need for a more sustainable future is a necessity, we are all obligated to make changes for the sake of our future generations. “ACT NOW”