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SOLAX Battery Storage System

Complement any solar photovoltaic array with a battery storage system so you can maximise your use of the energy you generate.

It’s important that you buy a battery suited to the electric demand you have to help benefit from all the electricity you generate from the solar panels.

SOLAX is one of the better battery storage systems on the market you can start off with a battery that is worthwhile having installed, at least 6.3kW more if you prefer depending on budget. With the SOLAX battery storage system you can add more storage capacity at any time increasing up to 24kW.

All batteries need to retain some energy within it at all times so it is pointless having a smaller battery capacity. If you intend to have a battery storage system that works when you have a power cut then the amount of energy retained is even greater so a larger battery is advised.

Looking at you the size of the solar PV array and electricity usage can help determine what size battery is worthwhile investing in.

Solar panels will charge the battery up with the unused electric as you use electric during the day you will store and deplete. Sometimes you will use the energy from the battery in the day if you are not generating enough energy from the solar panels to meet the demand.

You would be advised to have a larger battery storage capacity so you can store the energy for night time usage. Check what energy you use each night over a few weeks so you can see how many kWh’s you are using then buy a battery that will meet this demand.

You will also be able to buy cheaper electric during the hours of 24:00 – 06:00 so you can charge the battery up ready for usage the next day.

Having a larger battery could also help with charging cars from an EV charging point.