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Slash your bills, reduce your emissions and gain energy independence with our quality renewable energy systems at a competitive price throughout Plymouth & surrounding areas.

Let’s work together towards a sustainable future.

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We make fitting Solar Panels
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With a combination of product knowledge and many years of experience, we can guarantee a quality and affordable service throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Why should you choose renewable energy?

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as the sun, wind and water. Using green technologies will help your home become energy independent, reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Solar PV Systems, generate electricity directly from the sun, avoiding the use of fossil fuels, and focusing solely on green energy. By installing Solar Panels you can play your part in reducing green house gases.

Let’s work together towards a sustainable future.

Generate your own Electricity & Reduce Energy Bills

Solar PV work in daylight once the sun is up in the sky the only weather that solar panels don’t work in is low thick dense snow cloud or if they have a snow covering. Solar panels generate electricity from a reaction when photons/sun radiation hits the panels, the electricity is transferred to the inverter that converts the electricity from DC to AC then into consumer unit ready to be consumed within your property or be exported.

Solar PV helps support your electricity demand. Many businesses are open during the day when the sun is shining or we have daylight so solar PV panels could generate the power you need to run your business. You could even sell energy you generate back to the grid.

If feasibility and cost allow all businesses should be generating their own electricity from solar panels, it really is a no brainer.

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Why Install Solar Panels for your business?

Reduce your electricity costs

Generating your own electricity through solar will help you to dramatically reduce your annual bill and if you generate more power than you use, you can actually earn money by selling it back to the grid.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar power is a source of clean energy so using it to power your home will mean you’re contributing to the UK achieving its carbon reduction goals – a vital step in helping to combat climate change.

A renewable source of energy

As well as helping to combat climate change, renewable energies like solar also help to reduce air pollution, which is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing globally.

Easy to install

Solar panels can easily be installed on your roof. It will usually take only a day or so for your home to be up and running on solar energy.

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Do I need a South-facing roof for Solar Panels?
Solar Panels work well on any roof facing South, SE or SW. Although your Solar Panels will perform better and produce more electricity if they are South facing, they will still perform at 86% (compared to South facing) either facing due East or West.
How much roof space do I need?
Solar Panels can be fitted to your roof or on your land. Generally an 8-panel Solar PV system could easily fit on the roof of an average 3-bed semi.
Do I need constant sunshine for my Solar Panels to work?
No, Solar Panels work in all daylight conditions and actually work at their optimum at 10ºc.
How long will my Solar Panels last for?
The inverter should last for over 10 years and you should expect the panels to last for at least 25 years.
How long does it take to install Solar Panels?
Most Solar Panel installations take no more than a day with minimum disruption. Typically, the scaffolding will be erected a couple of days before the Solar PV installation team arrive. We will then mount the panels on the roof and install the inverter, finally carrying out the internal wiring.
If I have Solar Panels can I come off grid?
Solar PV panels alone will not give you electricity 24 hours a day as they only produce electricity in daylight hours. You would need alternative energy sources or a battery system as well as Solar PV panels to be able to come off grid.

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